What is house of gigs?

Our team comes from the recruitment and fintech industries. We've seen the world migrating towards the gig economy and independent work. Today, people are looking for more flexibility and freedom. And at the same time, access to full-time jobs remains challenging, with high barriers to entry.

After talking with lots of drivers, couriers and other independent workers we identified some emerging concerns:

  • Lack of consistency between rides / deliveries / gigs
  • No employment protection
  • No health or even car coverage
  • Misinformation about all the gig opportunities, lack of trust

There are as many different reasons to start independent work as there are workers. Everyone has a plan and needs this income to achieve it. We are confident that the gig economy is a beautiful opportunity, but not as it is today.

That's why we started house of gigs. We are committed to simplify independent work as a whole. And we will strive to realize every worker's ambition.

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